Cookie policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which is stored by your internet browser on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

In what way do we use cookies?

Like many other sites in the World Wide Web we too use cookies to “recognize” your browser or application in order to provide the most suitable information, in the best way possible, and to cash some elements used in our sites to shorten the loading time on the particular site.
Cookies allow us to improve the way you work with our products. Thanks to them when you return to one of our sites, you can see information suitable for you- banners, adverts and promotions, which are picked on the basis of your interests.
Our sites can work when the usage of cookies is turned off from your browser, but there are pages in which some functions that depend on using cookies will not work correctly. These might be: the ability to sign in or register, the ability to order goods or services, payments, options etc.
In our cookies we do not use any sensitive information like: names, phone numbers and the likes. It is possible that we would use cookies with data containing, an account name, e-mail or a password, but this information is kept in an extremely encrypted form.

Types of cookies we use:

Functional: they are used to store user preferences or data to “recognize” the user, like a user name or number.
Advertising: these are cookies that are used by our partners for advertising purposes. Through them the ads that are shown on our sites are being personalized according to your interests.
Analytical: these are used to analyze how many users actually use our sites. These cookies also gather information about how many people enter our sites, from where they have come and the pages they have visited. The cookies help us understand which pages are most helpful to you, so that in the future we can provide you with the information you need.

Controlling cookies

Most browsers allow you to change or turn off the use of cookies. These options are usually in the “Settings” or “Preferences” menus of your browser.

Third party cookies

In addition to the cookies, which are put in our domains which we control, there are cookies put there by domains we do not own (if the browser allows it). These third party cookies are used to analyze traffic and to show personalized adverts by our partners. An example of such a partner is Google Adsense, thanks to which we can show the ads on our sites. No personal information is being stored on third party cookies.